🎨Customizing Button

In this guide, we’ll have a look through the many options available to fit the feedback button to your brand’s design and aesthetics

1. Navigate to your project

On your left side panel, select one of your projects

2. Head over to the “Content” tab

Then, now that you’re on the project’s page, go to the “Content” tab located under the project’s name.

3. Head over to the “Design” card

The first card you see will be the “Design” card where you can edit options for your button’s design such as the button’s background color, the button’s text color, as well as edit what you want the button to say.

4. Preview the button

After making changes to the button’s design, you can also have a preview on how the button looks in the “Preview” card, located underneath the “Design” card on desktop, and at the bottom on mobile.

Now that you have designed the button to your liking, the next step would be to choose where to place the button on your site

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