Add button to site

This is the final step of the “Getting started” guide, on where you’ll learn how to add the feedback button on to your live site

1. Go to the “Implementation” card

The “Implementation” card is located next to “Design” card on the “Content” tab.

2. Copy the placement code

The code is a lightweight Javascript snippet used to render the button inside your HTML DOM and send data from the button to our servers. The total size is 9kb, and the code is completely public. You can view the source code here.

3. Place the code inside your website’s <head>tag

Depending on how your site was built, the <head> HTML tag could be at different places. For most website builders, you can add our code snippet at the “Custom code” section. Below is an example of adding the code in Webflow:

And just like that, you’re all set for getting responses and improving your customer experience. This is the end of the “Getting started” guide.

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